publicationsMost of my scientific work has focused on biodiversity and process-oriented studies concerning population and community ecology in marine benthic habitats, especially those dominated by long-lived species. These structural species are considered engineer species with significant effects on the structure and function of their communities (e.g. sponges, cnidarians, bryozoans and tunicates). They are typically very abundant and occur on both soft and hard substrate in shallow and deep marine environments throughout the world. These communities are especially sensitive to disturbances associated to climate change and other multiple human-derived threats, which poses serious challenges for their conservation.

Below is a list of my selected publications. A full list of publications can be seen via Google Scholar and Research Gate.

List of selected publications:

  • Teixidó N, Bensoussan N, Gori A, Fiorillo I, Viladrich N (in press) Sexual reproduction and early life- history traits of the Mediterranean soft coral Alcyonium acaule. Marine Ecology
  • Kersting DK, Teixidó N, Linares C (2014) Recruitment and mortality of the temperate coral Cladocora caespitosa: implications for the recovery of endangered populations. Coral Reefs 33:403-407 View
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  • Teixidó N, Garrabou J, Harmelin JG (2011) Low Dynamics, High Longevity and Persistence of Sessile Structural Species Dwelling on Mediterranean Coralligenous Outcrops. PlosOne 6(8): e23744. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023744 View
  • Kipson S, Fourt M, Teixidó N, Cebrian E, Casas E, Ballesteros E, Zabala M, Garrabou J (2011) Rapid Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring Method for Highly Diverse Benthic Communities: A Case Study of Mediterranean Coralligenous Outcrops. PLoS ONE 6(11): e27103 View
  • Teixidó N, Albajes-Eizagirre A, Bolbo D, Le Hir E, Demestre M, Garrabou J, Guigues L, Gili JM, Piera J, Prelot T, Soria-Frisch A (2011) Hierarchical segmentation based software for Cover Classification Analyses of Seabed Images (Seascape). Marine Ecology Progress Series 431:45-53 View
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